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A Game of Consequences

This is a wonderful and classic game to play in a classroom to get a collaborative comic book narrative from the students. The game is as old as the hills and is also known under the names of exquisite corpse (a Surrealist version of the game), consequences, comic jam, and a hundred other variations.

Entertainment in English — A Free Ebook

In this collection of lessons I have readapted some of the most successful and entertaining gameshow formats from US and UK television and radio from over the last forty years. This set of lessons forms the third pillar in my theory of communicative learning.

The Exceptions That Make The Rules

First a conundrum: which is the odd one out? 1. The White House, 2. The Eiffel Tower, 3. Buckingham Palace. Here are some possible answers:

Sometimes the Simplest Ones are the Best

I love language games but one game in particular couldn’t be easier to enact and brings great benefits for learners. The essential race-to-the-board game works as follows: divide the class into four or five teams and get a team name from each one. Then write this on the board: