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A Game of Consequences

This is a wonderful and classic game to play in a classroom to get a collaborative comic book narrative from the students. The game is as old as the hills and is also known under the names of exquisite corpse (a Surrealist version of the game), consequences, comic jam, and a hundred other variations.

Breaking News — and using it in class

Reading the news is a lovely activity to do in class. I doesn’t require much effort from the teacher but the learners get a lot from it. We all know pictures are great for ESL students and this task really brings out the best in their imaginations and communication skills.

Using Squiggles to Communicate

You can read a great deal into learners’ lives, motivations and personalities by playing this simple game in class. And it is so simple. All you do is give each student a piece of paper with a squiggle on it and ask them to make a picture.

Learning from Comenius

Comenius was the greatest teacher of his age and one of history’s most seminal educationalists. His manuscripts are a captivating collection of enlightening works, the most famous of which is the Orbis Sensualium Pictus – The World of Things Obvious to the Senses, drawn in Pictures.

The Semantic Translation Method

This method is for rank beginners and I believe it to be the most efficient way of attaining a beginner level from scratch. It’s inspired by the theory of Conceptual Semantics and the worthy aspects of Grammar Translation.