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A General Critique of Learning Materials

I’ve written before invoking Sturgeon’s Law in relation to the shortcomings of ESL coursebooks. I know I ruffled some feathers with that and maybe 90% is a bit high. There certainly are some good activity books around, but at the same time it has to be said that there is a lot of rubbish.

Everybody’s Political What’s What?

In the last post I claimed that breaking taboos in the media is healthy while when relationships are at stake it is detrimental. But I think it is also worth bearing in mind that while rapport is very important between student and teachers, we do have a responsibility to make people a bit more open-minded and urbane, and we can facilitate this by using media in class to give controversial ideas a detachment from our ourselves and avoid potential for offence or discomfort.

Breaking Taboos – Good or Bad?

If you teach English overseas you may encounter a fair bit of expatriate indignation at perceived rudeness in the native culture.